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The LOFAR national project committee (Board LOFAR.IT) aims to guide the activities related to the project in order to maximize the scientific added value, the technological know-how and the visibility of LOFAR.IT in the international panorama.
Board Members act in accordance with the Scientific Direction and with guidelines established during the meeting of the Institute's Administrative Board on 23 March 2018 and by specific agreements between INAF and Universities/Entities of the LOFAR.IT consortium.

The National Committee for LOFAR (Board LOFAR.IT) is currently composed of:

Gianfranco Brunetti (INAF-IRA) Chair
Ugo Becciani (INAF-OA Catania) Segretario
Federica Govoni (INAF-OA Cagliari, Coordinatore UTGII)
Francesco Massaro (UniTo)
Jader Monari (INAF-IRA)
Roberto Scaramella (INAF-OA Roma)

The LOFAR.IT Board will be able to take advantage of the advice of appropriate Working Groups and Commissions whose members will be appointed by UTGII (for INAF) and by the Universities/Entities involved in LOFAR.IT.