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Key Science Projects (KSP)

The LOFAR community is currently organized in 6 Key Science Projects (KP) ( projects) which participation is restricted to participating consortia to the International Lofar Telescope (ILT), including LOFAR IT, (in addition to a few other researchers involved "ad personam"):

1. Epoch of Reionisation: its main purpose is to search for signals (eg in the view of the cosmic radio background) of the epoch of reionization between z = 6 and 12;

2. Survey Key Project (SKP): it is the largest KP of LOFAR and aims to produce surveys at different depths and spatial resolution of the northern sky;
SKP participants

3. Transient sources: it aims to search for sources both galactic and extragalactic variable sources; (

4. Ultra high energy cosmic rays: it aims to study high and very high energy cosmic rays by studying the radio emission generated by swarms in the atmosphere that are produced by the arrival of cosmic rays;

5. Solar science & space weather: its purpose is the study of the sun, of the space weather and of the terrestrial ionosphere through low-frequency observations;

6. Cosmic magnetism: it has the aim to study the properties of magnetic fields in galactic and extragalactic sources through observations in low frequency polarization. (
MSKP participants

Access by the Italian community (LOFAR IT) in the KP will be coordinated by the LOFAR IT Board and will take place in response to specific Call for Interest published periodically.