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Data Working Group


The LOFAR Data Working Group supports the LOFAR IT Board in providing the Italian community with the calculation tools necessary for the LOFAR data calibration and reduction, installing and keeping the relevant pipelines up-to-date. In particular, the Working Group will provide consultancy for the design of the hardware and software infrastructure for calibration and data reduction in Italian LOFAR nodes.

Furthermore, the Working Group will have to provide for the installation, configuration and management of specific software for the reduction of LOFAR data. Finally, it will provide technical support to LOFAR IT users through testing, verification, optimization and development of LOFAR data reduction pipelines.
The need of such committee has been assessed on October the 3th 2018, by the LOFAR National Committee (Board LOFAR IT), following the guidelines proposed by the INAF UTG-II (National Division to enable Radio-Astronomy) and by the Scientific Direction and approved by the Administrative Board on March the 23th 2018.

Current WG members are:

Giuliano Taffoni (INAF-OA Trieste) - Chair
Alessandro Costa (INAF-OA Catania)
Francesco Bedosti (INAF-IRA)
Cristina Knapic (INAF-OA Trieste)
Manuela Magliocchetti (INAF-IAPS Roma)
Annalisa Bonafede (UniBo, Associata INAF IRA)